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AGM Basements is looking to partner with select renovation companies specializing in Kitchens. If your team qualifies, we guarantee your kitchen contracting team will recieve…

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Our Founder & Mike Holmes

“Hey, my name is Ivan Atanasov, the CEO and founder of AGM Renovations. Mike Holmes chose to partner with AGM Renovations because he resonates with AGM’s absolute commitment to client satisfaction and quality craftsmanship. I want to thank you for taking the time to look into our contractor program. We are specifically looking for kitchen contractors and kitchen specialists. If you and your team are hard workers with positive attitudes and a strong sense of responsibility, we want to partner with you! Reach out to us today and our team will schedule a call with your team and we can discuss all of the details. We care about your success.”

– Ivan Atanasov, CEO & Founder

Submit your email and AGM will be in touch. In order to provide our clients with the utmost highest quality service, only professional kitchen specialists with a track record will be accepted. 

Kind Words From Contractors Who Chose To Partner With AGM Renovations.
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