Who are we?

The Two owners , Tyler Ferguson and Jacob Bonofiglio, have been entangled in the world of persuasion psychology and inbound marketing since their early teens. They now have served and helped countless business owners in a wide variety of niches, increase their revenue with their systematic approach to digital marketing. “Since the early start, we have always strived to be the best. When we do something, we make sure to absolutely see it through. Being the perfectionists that we are, we have really seen the lack of effort other marketing agencies are putting into the work they are providing for their clients. .  Zeus Marketing is ready to help you dominate your niche. 

We focus on human psychology...

The entire team here at Zeus Marketing is completely certified in the way humans make decisions and we are close followers of the 25 decision making, cognitive biases. We have Psychologists on board to ensure all of our campaigns are getting the absolute BEST end result. We know how the human brain works and all of our digital marketing efforts work in unison to make your potential customer make a decision on your product or service.

It's 2018..times are changing.

Yes we can still help you develop some killer flyers, banners, billboards, and news paper ads but our bread and butter is in our online strategy. Let’s get you some serious attention online. 

Revenue focused

We won't take on your project unless we know you will be walking away with some extra revenue. Contact us today.

Social media campaigns

2.4 billion people are on social media. Zeus Marketing prides ourselves in being "social media experts" and we live and breath getting our clients attention on these platforms. Contact us today.


We are constantly being praised on the style and unique nature of our video content. Its a passion for us to build meaningful video assets for our clients. Contact us today.

Your Website Is Your #1 Employee...

Having a great working website is one of the most vital employees your company can have.  Websites don’t sleep, go to the bathroom or go on vacations. They are always there to sell your company and your product/service to a potential prospect. We have an extremely talented team of developers and designers ready to create you a website that not only looks sexy, but actually generates you revenue.

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See what our clients have said...

Marco Tallarico, CEO of Appliance Love: “We actually saw results on our website getting people to buy stuff.”


The two founders of Zeus Marketing, Tyler Ferguson and Jacob Bonofilgio have been training and exchanging with some of the best marketers/influencers in our current times. Since the early start, we always strove to be the best.